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DLL Error Repair Click Here To Read
Are you receiving a particular DLL error? DLL errors can be very troublesome indeed! Our experts have put together an excellent article that will not only explain what DLL files are, but also explain some of the more common errors.
DLL File Definition Click Here To Read
DLL files have a unique history in the windows operating system. As operating systems improved and changed, so did DLL files. This article explains the history of the DLL file.
Understanding DLL Errors Click Here To Read
For those who want an even better understanding of DLL errors, our experts have dug a bit deeper and uncovered some interesting facts concerning DLL files and errors.
RunDLL Error Repair Click Here To Read
Straight from our DLL file repair series is an article on how you can repair RunDLL errors. Not only will you learn about this popular DLL file, but you will soon discover several ways you can repair this file quickly.
DLL Error Prevention Click Here To Read
In this article, our experts will direct you as to how you can prevent DLL errors from happening. Preventing DLL errors is not as hard as you may think and many times a simple software program can do the trick.
BridgeDLL Error Repair Click Here To Read
One of the most common DLL errors is the bridge.dll error. As common as this error is, it is equally as frustrating to fix. Our experts will expolain this error and direct you to the solution.
WmpDLL Error Repair Click Here To Read
Does your system have a wmp.dll error? This error is associated with the Windows Media Player and has many users stumped and frustrated. Read this repair article and make this error a distant memory.

Fix DLL Files Click Here To Read
If you are looking for the "do-it-yourself" appraoch to fixing your DLL file, then this article is certainly for you! By reading this article you will be able to troubleshoot your DLL file problem and fix it safely and efficiently.

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Chris :
Posted 3276 days ago
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Antonio :
Posted 3332 days ago
I'm sure this is a great product... I can tell from the reviews. But I would like for companies to post the price of their products as opposed to say "Free" to later find out you only have the trial version. Programs like malwarebytes fixes and removes virus and infected files from your computer for free, other sites offer exe. fixes for free. During these hard times we are all looking for the least expensive ways to repair the machines we depend on, I just would like to see companies post the truth as opposed to trying to lead us on to buy the full version.
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yboppkhfxjt :
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Tess :
Posted 3362 days ago
Real brain power on display. Thanks for that awnser!
Tess :
Posted 3362 days ago
Real brain power on display. Thanks for that awnser!
Tess :
Posted 3362 days ago
Real brain power on display. Thanks for that awnser!
Lynn :
Posted 3840 days ago
Hi, I have been trying to install for 2 days an addin from Salesforce for Outlook 2007. I am using Vista. The addin for the Office (word & Excel) works perfectly but I cannot get OUtlook to move the addin from "Disabled" in the Trust centre even though they are listed as a trusted publisher. I then ran the OUtlook Connector.dll through Dependency Walker and they have advised that IEFRAME.DLL has an unresolved import due to a missing export function in a delay load dependent module. Have no idea how to fix this. Can you help
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