Common DLL Errors
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Why Are DLL Files Important?

With over a billion people worldwide now hooked up to the internet from home or their place of business, it is fair to assume that millions of them use Windows each and every day.

Yet very, very few will ever think about the operating system of the PC that they use until it goes wrong.

And one of the most common reasons that it does so is that is suffers some kind of common DLL error.

So, what are DLL’s and what errors do they suffer?

A DLL is a Dynamic Link Library, which is a tiny file of code that helps the applications and programs that drive Windows to do their job. It performs only one task, but it fulfils that task for a wide range of these applications and programs.

So, when a DLL file suffers an error or malfunction, it can adversely affect many different programs and applications, which will, in turn, hinder the performance of Windows itself.

Here is a description of some of the most common DLL errors that you are likely to encounter, and a couple of ways that you could possibly go about fixing them.

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Some Example DLL Errors You May Encounter

The first thing to point out is that there are countless thousands of DLL files in your PC helping Windows operate efficiently.

Thus it is that most DLL errors will cause a certain part of your PC’s operating system to suffer malfunctions.

In this case, the name of the DLL that suffers the error is likely to give you a very good clue as to what part of your system is affected.

For example, if you were to see an error message telling you that you had a problem with the MSOE.DLL, then that pertains to your MicroSoft Outlook Express (MSOE) program.

Similarly, an error with the ‘nv4_disp.dll’ would indicate that you have a problem with the NVidia graphics card that is used by the majority of PC manufactures as standard OEM equipment.

So, again this would be a DLL error that would only have any adverse effects on one specific part of your operating system.

However, some DLL files are system critical, meaning that, if they suffer a serious malfunction, then basically your whole operating system is in trouble!

Thus it would be that, if you have an error with the ‘kernel32.dll’, the ‘system32.dll’ or the ‘user32.dll’ you would have very good reason to be seriously concerned.

In fact, as a very quick guide, if a DLL file is anything with ‘32’ added on the end, then you are almost always looking at an error in a DLL file that is system critical.

This is because the ’32’ is effectively telling you that the file in question sits at the very heart of your Windows 32-bit operating system.

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How To Fix Common DLL Errors

There are always two ways of fixing DLL and other operating system errors. They are what I would term the difficult and the easy methods.

The difficult method would firstly require you to isolate exactly which DLL file is causing the problems. Now, this might appear to be easy, especially if your PC gives you an error message pointing its ‘cyber finger’ in a certain direction!

However, this assumes that this error message is going to be accurate, and that is most certainly not true in every case.

But, let us assume that it is telling the truth, and that the DLL that it isolates really is the culprit.

Then, all you have to do is download a replacement DLL file, install it, and that is it.

Very simple in theory, not at all so simple in practice.

Manual installation of DLL files is something that requires knowledge of operating system, and, all the time, there is the very real danger that, make one mistake and you could destroy the whole operating system!

In my opinion, doing the job the difficult way is time consuming and potentially fatal for your PC.

It is simply not worth it.

Doing the job the easy way is, however, almost always going to work, and takes only ten minutes from start finish.

The first step is to run a free deep-system registry scan using a professional level proprietary software program like ours.

This will highlight in less than five minutes all of the problems that you currently have lurking in the operating system of your PC, including the DLL errors that have been causing you problems.

DLL Error Repair

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