DLL Application Errors
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Windows DLL File History

Way back when, in the bad old days, the guys at Microsoft who first came up with the idea of a Windows operating system to replace MS-DOS (and, yes, I am old enough to remember it!) realized that they had a problem with their new baby.

It was just too darned big!

Sure, this new fangled Windows system would be a quantum leap forward from MS-DOS, but this was a time when PC’s had miniscule memories and CPU’s that were slower than the most ancient cart horse.

The Windows system just needed too much space, and would eat up so much operating memory that, quite possibly, using Windows would mean that no job would ever actually be completed.

The Microsoft boffins therefore hunted around for a solution. They realized pretty quickly that many software programs duplicated exactly the same jobs that other similar programs also need to do.

So, they reasoned that if they could come up with one little ‘gizmo’ that did one job only, but could do it for every program that needed the same job doing, then they could save a huge amount of space and processing.

Thus, they came up with the idea of the Dynamic link library, or .dll, which are still a massively important integral part of your Windows operating system right up to this day.

So, a .dll is a file that can be called upon by any number of .exe applications and program to undertake one task. It is a passive module, in that, if no program or application calls for it, then it is inactive.

Furthermore, it is a load module (a module that carries a load – i.e. it does work) that exports definitions of programs, functions, or variables to .dll’s, dll applications, or non-dll applications and programs.

In other words, a .dll file does little more than tell other parts of your Windows operating system what to do.

Thus, a .dll application is an application that references, categorizes and processes definitions of programs, functions, or variables that it imports from the .dll’s.

So, it follows that .dll and.dll application files should be pretty well inseparable, as indeed, they are.

It also follows that they will suffer many common problems and errors. Again, this is perfectly true!

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Some Common DLL Application Errors

As the .dll application files exist to process information from the .dll files that lie at the heart of most Window programs and applications, it follows that .dll errors will have a knock-on effect on .dll applications.

For example, every time that a new program is downloaded or installed onto your PC, a new batch of .dll files is installed at the same time.

Some of these .dll files will probably overwrite older versions of the same .dll files, because the new program needs to use the latest version to perform correctly.

Unfortunately, it is quite likely that older programs on your PC are still using the old version of the .dl file in question, and the overwriting process may just have rendered those old programs inoperable!

Any .dll application file that was associated with that older version .dll has also just become totally redundant also!

If we now go one stage further and assume that the recently installed program was then to be uninstalled, we can also assume that the new .dll goes with it too. However, the old .dll has already been overwritten, so what we now end up with is no .dll file at all!

So, regular installs and uninstalls can play havoc with the .dll files in any Windows operating system, and this havoc is passed on down the line to the associated .dll application files too!

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How To Repair DLL Application Errors

For anyone but the most dedicated techie, investigating anything as deep within the Windows operating system as .dll’s and .dll applications would probably be an almost total waste of time and effort.

Even accepting that there are many excellent websites that give detailed step-by-step guides to fixing such problems, it is probably not something that most people should even begin to contemplate attempting.

This is particularly true any time we are considering the registry system of your PC, simple because it is extremely easy to make the damage a hundred times worse when you try to repair it, and it is equally notoriously difficult to reverse any damage that you might do in this way.

It is far quicker and safer to utilize the correct equipment for the job in hand, rather than trying to stumble your way through it!

My recommendation would be that the first thing you should do is run a full system scan, for free, using an award winning Registry cleaner tool like our tool. This will tell you in less than five minutes what it would probably take you hours to discover if you were to attempt it manually.

Then, armed with the correct information, all you would need to do is to use the same program to fix all of the Registry problems and errors that it found during its search.

Again, from start to finish, this ‘clean up’ operation should take no more than five minutes.

So, your choice is pressing a few buttons to fix all of your Registry problems properly, including all .dll and .dll application errors, in around ten minutes.

Or you can spend several frustrating hours, banging your head against the proverbial wall before you very probably have to return to the option of using our tool anyway!

It’s your call!

DLL Error Repair

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