DLL Error Prevention
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Dll Error Prevention

If you are a PC user then the chances are very high that you will be running some variant of Microsoft’s Windows operating system on your machine.

If so, you need to know about DLL’s and specifically, it is important that you are informed about dll error prevention tactics as well, simply because this will enable you to keep your operating system in tip-top condition.

What Exactly are DLL’s?

DLL is a short term for ‘dynamic link libraries’ and are small program files that are part of all Windows operating systems. Each different DLL on your machine (and there are a lot of them!) is designed to undertake one small task, but (and this is the clever bit) it is designed to do that task for many other operating system programs.

So, it follows that if a DLL is damaged or missing, then several sub-programs of your operating system may function incorrectly, or maybe not function at all!

Thus, DLL error prevention is very important if you want your PC to run smoothly and efficiently.

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How Do DLL Errors Occur?

Perhaps the most common cause of DLL problems is the fact that most of us install new programs onto our PC’s pretty regularly.

And, quite often, the new program then slows down your machine, or maybe you find that it doesn’t do exactly the job that you want it to do. For whatever the reason is, you then decide to uninstall the program. That is often when your DLL problems begin, as the program that you are uninstalling takes a DLL with it, not recognizing, of course, that another part of Windows actually needs to use that DLL!

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Some Simple DLL Error Prevention Tactics

So, the first DLL error prevention measure would be to NOT install and uninstall programs any more often than you have to. In other words, unless you are certain that the program that you are about to install is one that you are going to use and keep, do not install it!

Now, of course, that is a very simplistic approach and you might argue, quite sensibly, that there is no way of knowing whether the program is what you need, or whether it will slow your machine down, until you have installed it. That’s a very fair observation.

My solution to this is to keep an old, second hand (very well used and abused!) desktop PC that I test all programs on before I actually install them on the primary PC that I use for my work.

Sure, it means that you need to have a second PC, but you should be able to pick up such a machine for no more than $100, and if you can keep your primary PC in great condition because of this, then it’s a very sound investment.

You can also use it as a machine for backing up all of your data and so on, so in my opinion, it would be well worth it to go down this route.

Another thing to do is to be extra careful when uninstalling programs from your machine. For example, if you have ever uninstalled programs, you have probably seen a message telling you that the program is going to uninstall ABC.dll as part of the process, after which, it asked you whether it should go ahead and do so.

I don’t know about you, but there was a time in my earlier, more naïve day when I always assumed that the PC ‘knew’ what it was doing, and so, I just let it get on with it!

Big mistake! The PC does NOT know what it is doing, otherwise, why is it asking you?

If it tells you that it is about to uninstall a DLL, go find out what that DLL actually does before giving the machine the go-ahead! (check out Microsoft’s own site for the answer to this question, or run a search on Google or Yahoo).

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But What If I Get DLL Errors?

I seriously doubt that there is any PC user running Windows who has not had DLL errors at some point, and I dare say that the same will happen to you at some point, if it has not already done so.

Now, as the old saying goes, prevention is always better than a cure, so if you are able to successfully prevent any DLL errors ever occurring, that’s great!

The problem here is that sometimes, you will not actually know that there is a DLL problem.

You can try this site for help too: Speed Up Your PC

But, if you find that your machine suddenly becomes very slow or certain parts of your operating system no longer seem to work correctly, then it’s a good bet that you have a DLL error.

At this point, you need to run a scan, using one of the many excellent free online scanner tools, such as the most popular one you can access below.

This program will run a deep-system scan of your Windows system entirely free and then tell you all the existing and potential problems that are lurking within on your machine.

You can ten get the software and it will fix all of the problems for you.

Alongside your anti-virus software, a program like ours will be one of the best investments that you will ever make in keeping your PC in great condition, and I would thoroughly recommend that you take a look at their website right now.

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Closing Thoughts

As you can see, you need to t ake whatever steps you can to prevent DLL errors ever occurring. But, I they do occur, or even when you suspect that they might have done so, then run a free scan below, and, if errors are shown up, use the software to fix them.

DLL Error Repair

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