DLL File Corruption
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DLL Files - An Important Multi-Tasker

Every time that you call up any program on your Windows driven PC and request that it does some job or other, that program will, in turn, call up a DLL file or files to help it.

When you call up a program in this way, you are asking it to do many, many different tasks at the same time. Each one of those single, individual tasks is implemented by a different DLL file.

But, the smart bit about the DLL’s that undertake these tasks for programs and applications is that, whilst they do only one tiny part of a larger scale ‘job’, they do that same task for many different programs.

In this way, that is, by having one DLL file that serves many different ‘master’ programs, Microsoft are able to keep the amount of disk space the Windows operating system eats up to a reasonably manageable level.

The problem is, however, that when one DLL file goes wrong or becomes corrupted, then it affects all of the programs that the DLL file serves.

The result is that all of those programs will suffer various degrees of malfunctions and errors, entirely dependent on how important that individual DLL file was, or is, to that program.

So, a corrupt DLL file can be a problem for your PC. How does it happen, and how can it be repaired quickly and efficiently?

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How In The World Can DLL Files Become Corrupt?

There are many situations where DLL files can get corrupted, so let’s look at a few of the most common situations where it can occur.

Constant installing and uninstalling of new third party software programs is a leading cause of DLL’s becoming corrupted.

This is because the software that is produced by third-party software companies will often bring it’s own DLL files with it when it is installed onto your machine, and these may well conflict with DLL’s that are already installed.

This would be especially likely to happen if you installed a program that does a job that you already have a program for.

As a simple example, if you were to download and install a multi-media video player program and you already have Windows Media Player installed, then that might create DLL conflicts.

In such conflicts, it is very common for DLL files to become damaged and corrupted.

Similarly, if you already have a program installed and you try to update it, but the download does not install correctly for some reason, this may leave a partially installed DLL file behind. Hence, it is corrupted from the outset.

Basically, given the fact that each DLL file works in tandem with so many applications and programs, it is almost inevitable that some of them will become corrupted from time to time.

The most important question is, what is the quickest and most efficient way of fixing such a file once it does become corrupt?

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How To Fix Corrupt DLL Files

There are many sites on the internet where it is possible to download replacement DLL files.

Thus, in theory at least, having a corrupt DLL file on your PC should not really represent any significant problems.

You simply download a new DLL copy, install it and that’s it, job done.

Unfortunately, in reality, it is not that simple at all, and you do really need a reasonable knowledge of how your operating system works before you should even thin about attempting it.


Because one slight mistake when you are working inside the operating system of your PC and it could completely wipe out your entire Windows system with one wrong press of a key.

So, yes, in theory, it is possible to fix the problem manually, but doing so risks destroying your computer entirely and that is, quite frankly, not a risk I would recommend anyone to take.

So, my choice is always to use the correct tool for the job.

First, I would run a free registry scan using a proprietary, professional level tool like ours.

Having used this program for some time now, I know that, whatever the problem, our tool will locate it.

I would then simply get our program below to fix the problems that it found during its scan sweep.

That way, I know that the job has been done properly, and I did not take the risk of wrecking my computer doing stuff where, quite honestly, I don’t mind admitting I have no idea what I am doing!

DLL Error Repair

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