Fix BridgeDLL Errors
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What Are BridgeDLL Errors?

Bridge DLL errors have been often associated with spyware and adware problems. As a spyware file, bridge.dll enables certain programs to steal information from the system, thus hindering one’s privacy.

This file problem has been especially related to spyware "winfavorites". The file Bridge DLL appears as a runtime error at the time of start-up which displays a message to the user stating that a system error has occured.

Unlike viruses and worms, the Bridge DLL is a parasite that affects the system by spying on your PC activity and sending all the vital information about your profile to the initiating website when users log on to the Internet.

When users are surfing through the internet, certain spyware sites may just inject this malicious breed of code into your system that feeds on the information about your files and sends it to the spy ware website. Moreover the Bridge DLL is a file extension that attaches it self to a file and becomes difficult to remove.

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BridgeDLL Further Explained

A DLL (Dynamic link library) file contains all the information of the computers system drive. It is a shared library which operates in systems with platforms of OS/2 and Microsoft. These libraries have information on the Active X controls that enable information on the working of the operating system.

The essential feature of the DLL files enables files to be compressed therefore any more memory space. DLL files are organized into:

 Read-only
 Executable
 Non-executable files

These segments of the files are found in the win32 format. For example, run time errors are displayed with the RUN.DLL file extension that states the specific reason for the error. The Bridge DLL also figures in these DLL files but due to its malicious nature it would corrupt the system. Thus removing the Bridge DLL file is the best option available.

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Detecting BridgeDLL

As a DLL file, the Bridge DLL’s will always have a DLL extension which would enable one to detect the file. Moreover there are many anti-spyware software applications that scan the system for malicious DLL files. On detecting a Bridge DLL file the anti-spy ware will automatically notify you about a Bridge DLL in your system.

Once you have got the location you can delete the file manually or allow the anti-spyware to remove it. However you can also detect certain characteristics that are being displayed by your system which may include:

Slow performance of the system which, especially during pop-ups of various ads online.
 Change in the default Internet homepage.
 Redirection of the webpage to an anonymous website due to unforeseen reasons.

Often times the typical PC user might get a message such as, “Error loading c:\Windows\System32\bridge.dll” which usually occurs during start up. This message is one of the best indicators to suggest that you do have a Bridge DLL problem.

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The Easiest Fix Of BridgeDLL

Once the bridge DLL has been detected, it can be removed from the system through any anti-spy ware software that enables complete deletion of all Bridge DLL files. The anti-spy ware software will delete the file when it has done a complete system scan. However users can manually remove the bridge DLL file by following this procedure:

1) In notepad, type the following:
\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run] "RunDLL"=
2) Save file as: unbridge.reg
3) Once this procedure is done, reboot the system and no error message will be there.

Therefore the bridge Dll file is a spy ware parasite file that hinders your privacy and may corrupt your system further if it is not identified on time and removed from your system. To be sure the file has not corrupted your system registry, we recommend running a scan with Our repair tool. It will ensure your system is at optimum health.

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