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DLL Files - Essential Windows Components

DLL or Dynamic Link Library is a program module that is executed every time Windows starts running. The module performs various functions at the time of Windows start up. This function of DLL is completely automatic. This means that a user has nothing to do with its initiation.

This feature is essential for smooth functioning of Windows by producing correct outputs for whatever information or command a user feed in a computer. However, like every other computer application, this important application also has to face some errors or problems.

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DLL Errors Explained

Errors with DLL are in fact quite common. These errors are related to the failure that a DLL file encounters due to its inability to execute a particular function or open some other application. There are various reasons behind the emergence of these problems or errors. However, the main reason behind the emergence of these errors is some kind of a problem that might have occurred at the time of installation of a program.

As a result, whenever the user of that computer system will try to run the program, the DLL file will not be able to execute the function. Apart from this reason, a DLL error can also occur at the time of uninstalling a program or in the form of a warning for a virus or spyware that has infected the system and corrupt these files.

While unistalling a program, a user tends to uninstall the DLL files from the computer also. And the problem begins from here because the uninstalled files are required by other applications on the computer. Thus, in the absence of these DLL files, the other applications stop responding in the proper manner.

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Reinstall The DLL File Producing The Error

To make sure that things are brought back to normal, it is advisable to reinstall the DLL files that have been lost accidentally. For this, it is first necessary to have complete knowledge about the program that has been uninstalled.

After this, the DLL files are to be extracted from the program and installed on the computer system. If in case a person is not able to execute the process of extracting DLL files from the software, he/she can approach a software expert for solving the problem.

There are also certain software vendors that provide DLL programs for download purposes. One of the best ways of getting the lost DLL files reinstalled is by accessing the website of the software manufacturer.

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Reinstall The Windows Operating System

To make these methods easier and more successful, there are certain other methods that can be used for rectifying this error. One method is by reinstalling Windows. However, it is necessary to make sure that during the Windows reinstallation process, program settings are neither lost nor damaged in any manner.

After the reinstallation is done, a person can reinstall the program(s) that was not working previously and was causing the DLL error.

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Use Your System File Checker (SFC)

The other method is the System File Checker (SFC) feature that can be used for repairing the damage that a corrupted file has caused. There are two methods in which this feature can be used for tackling the DLL error trouble.

The first method involves the use of this feature before the installation of any software on the system. The System File Checker will scan the computer disk to check the system files that are on the system and make a list of these files. Whenever the system will indicate towards a DLL error, SFC can be used for detected the files that have been corrupted or changed in any manner. This way the effected file(s) can be easily detected and amended.

The other method in which SFC can be used is for extracting the relevant data from the Cabinet files. These Cabinet files are an extension in Windows. They contain all the system files of a computer system in a compressed form. So, SFC can easily extract system files from these Cabinet files to replace the corrupted applications on the system.

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