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What Is windows.dll?

Without Dynamic link libraries, or .dll files, your PC would only ever be able to achieve a very small percentage of what it actually does achieve, and it would probably take ten times as long to do so!

And it would not matter one jot how fast your processor is, or how much RAM or memory your current PC has. It would run at the speed of an arthritic snail, no matter what.

So, knowing that, how important do you think .dll files are to your PC and the Windows operating system that drives your machine?

What do you know about .dll files in the first place?

I would guess (or hope) that the answers to those questions would be something along the lines of, quite important, and not a lot, respectively.

I say hope, because, if so, this article could have been written specifically for you!

If you could imagine the operating system of your PC as a pyramid with the Windows system right at the top, then immediately below that would be the programs that you are familiar with. Programs like Word, Excel and Internet Explorer, to name just a handful.

Below that, ‘driving’ these programs would be the Executable (.exe) files, each of which is responsible for one particular function of the programs.

Below these .exe files are the .dll files that help these .exe applications to achieve their objectives.

So, Windows .dll files are a critically important part of the overall Windows ‘picture’ and, as such, they need to function correctly, in order that all the ‘levels’ of the pyramid above them can operate equally as well.

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Some Common windows.dll Errors

Many programs on your PC perform tasks and functions that are exactly the same as those performed by other similar programs.

For example, it is necessary that you can ‘type’ letters and numbers onto the screen when using most of the programs in the Office program suite.

A .dll file is one that can be accessed by all of these programs that will then do the same job as required by each of them.

Thus, a .dll is ‘shared’ by many programs, which will only call on it when they need to use it.

This element of being shared amongst many different applications and programs initially allowed Microsoft to drastically reduce the size and ‘weight’ of the Windows operating system. This was the original advantage of the .dll file concept.

The downside, however, is that the world of computers has moved on significantly since .dll files were first used by Microsoft.

More people than ever before enjoy high speed internet access. More people actually log-on to the net for the first time every day.

More and more people spend their time downloading more and more software programs, utilities and applications, and this is proving to be an increasing problem for programs that use .dll files (that is, all of them!) for one almost overwhelming reason.

When a new application is downloaded, it will not surprisingly come ‘bundled’ with all the .dll files that it needs to install and run. Some, perhaps many, of these .dll files will be new versions of .dll files that are already present on your PC.

The new .dll’s will more than likely overwrite any old versions of the same .dll.

Unfortunately, however, there are probably programs on your PC that need those ‘old version .dll files’, so the net result is that you gain one new program, but lose some (or all) of the functionality of several tried and trusted programs that you were previously working with.

And then, of course, with new programs and .dll files being forever installed and later uninstalled, the potential for .dll files to become damaged and corrupted expands ever more rapidly.

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How To Repair windows.dll Errors

As with most things in life, there’s an easy and a difficult way to approach the idea of coming up with a way to fix windows.dll files.

The difficult way is what we might call the DIY method. That is, find the problems yourself, and then fix them manually.

From my own experiences of attempting this, I would have only one word of advice.


Despite the fact that all of the information that you need to affect these repairs is, at least in theory, freely available on the internet, in practice, you would need to be a very dedicated techie to understand 90% of what you are supposed to do!

Add to that the fact that it is time consuming, tedious, boring and likely to make your head hurt, and you perhaps understand why I would say that the DIY method is the hard way of doing things

I would suggest that anyone who takes the safety and security of their PC at all seriously follows the easy route, which also just happens to be the professional, quick and effective way of fixing windows.dll errors as well!

Run a free scan of your Windows Registry using a professional software package like our tool. This will highlight and isolate all the errors, problems and areas of concern that there are within the Registry of your Windows operating system.

Then, once you have run the five minute test scan, look at how many errors the program finds. I would be willing to bet that it will run into hundreds.

This is telling you as clearly as possible that you need to fix your registry and quick!

Don’t mess around here. Use our program that found the errors to fix them.

That way, you know for sure that your attempts to fix windows.dll errors will be totally successful.

DLL Error Repair

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