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Welcome to the DLL-Error.com DLL file library which is totally free. Not only will you learn about individual DLL files but we will also offer solutions to the particular file you may be having problems with. Simply select your DLL file in the drop down menu, or alphabetical list below.

As a general rule, all .dll files are small ‘helper’ files working within the Window operating system to enable sub-programs of that operating system to do their job, which in turn means that Windows works smoothly and efficiently.

Not every .dll is a part of the original Windows system, as many of them are introduced to your PC when you load a specific software program, and not every .dll file is system critical.

Nevertheless, any .dll that is damaged or missing should be repaired or replaced as soon as is feasibly possible.

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Top DLL File Requests:

Below are the most requested DLL files from our library. This list changes often and is kept up to date.

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