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MshtmlDLL Errors Introduction

In order to surf the internet, you need a piece of software known as an “internet browser” which can decipher the digital information that your computer receives over the net, and then ‘translate’ it into the pictures and text that you see and read on your screen.

It doesn’t matter what kind of computer you are using – a Windows driven PC or an AppleMac, the same principle still applies. To use the internet, you must have some kind of browser (even your WAP enable mobile telephone uses a browser!).

And, whilst many competitors have become fairly popular over the last few years, many PC users, in particular, choose to use Microsoft’s own Internet Explorer program, because of the convenience of using a program that is a pre-installed integral part of the Windows operating system.

The Windows system itself is driven by an underlying series of sub-programs that control all the different functionalities of the overall operating system. This underlying system is called the system32 directory, and it is, in turn, controlled to some extent by what are called DLL’s or ‘dynamic link libraries’.

Without properly functioning DLL’s, the sytem32 directory will not work correctly and if the system32 directory isn’t working, neither is Windows!

DLL’s and the sytem32 directory are that important to your PC!

The mshtml.dll is directly related to Internet Explorer and, without it functioning correctly, you will probably not be able to surf the Internet using this browser.

So, to maximize your enjoyment of your PC, and to make sure that your surfing (or maybe your online work) is not interrupted, it would be advisable to know a little bit about mshtml.dll, what it does and how to repair mshtml.dll errors should they occur.

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What Are The Common Problems of MshtmlDLL?

The mshtml.dll is directly related to the proper functionality of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer.

It helps the software recognize, read and then display web pages that are written in one of the most common languages used for creating web pages, ‘hypertext markup language’ or html, as it is more commonly known.

What this can mean is that, if a webpage is written in any other language than html, then Internet Explorer can still read it. The problem is that a large percentage of pages are still written in html, so having an mshtnl.dll malfunctioning can be a major inconvenience.

The reason that it malfunctions could be one of any number of things. Often, over time, frequently installing and uninstalling programs causes DLL errors.

Also, the fact that it is specifically working in close alliance with the internet opens up mshtml.dll up to errors that may arise because of faulty downloads and similar problems.

Whatever the reason, if mshtml.dll is not working properly, then you will not be able to view html webpages in Internet Explorer (although if you are using an alternate browser like Mozilla’s Firefox, the chances are that you will have no problems opening the same pages with it).

So, for your own surfing pleasure (and your sanity) you need to be able to repair mshtml.dll errors.

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How To Repair Mshtml Errors

The first question to consider is, what version of Internet Explorer are you using?

The latest version is IE7 and so, if you are still using IE5 or IE6, you could try downloading the latest version, to see is that gets rid of the problem.

Another option is to try to uninstall Explorer, clear all traces of the program from your PC and then re-install it.

Be advised, however, that uninstalling the original (damaged) IE may not really help, and you may not be able to remove all traces of the original installation in any case.

In other words, this might work, but the chances are that it probably won’t!

If you are running Windows XP and using IE6, this article on uninstalling and re-installing IE might help:

You might also try resetting your Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) for XP as suggested here:;en-us;299357

Next option is to locate and re-register all of the DLL files that relate directly to Internet Explorer, such as urlmon.dll, as well as mshtml.dll. The simple rule of thumb here is that if that doesn’t make a lot of sense to you, then don’t even begin to attempt it!

Messing around with DLL’s and other registry components without knowing exactly what you are doing is playing with fire, and you can do some very serious damage to Windows very easily if you are not doing things right!

The bottom line is that, to repair mshtml.dll errors, your best option is to get hold of the correct tools for the job, a software program that is specifically designed to track down and then repair all registry problems, like our tool.

This program will scan your PC for registry errors completely free, and then you are able to download it, so that it can solve all of the problems that it located, for you.

It’s quick, efficient and thorough, and by using a program such as this, you can be absolutely confident that you have found and fixed all of the potentially disastrous registry problems that can lurk unseen and unnoticed on your PC.

Unseen and unnoticed, that is, until it is too late!

DLL Error Repair

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