Repair Corrupt DLL
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What Is A Corrupt DLL?

A DLL or Dynamic Link Library is a tiny piece of software code that is responsible for doing just one simple task for a wide range of different applications deep inside the Windows operating system of your PC.

They were first invented back in the days before Microsoft really began to take over the world, when most people still used computers that ran on the MS-DOS operating system.

MS-DOS was not a flexible system, nor was it particularly useful, but at least it did not eat up a lot of disk space or memory.

The earliest versions of Windows, however, did, which was particularly unhelpful at a time when computers had virtually no memory space or processing speed.

Then Microsoft realized that many programs that they had created in Windows relied on many identical underlying functions.

So, the boffins reasoned, if one independent sliver of software code could be created to do that one job for all of those programs, that would save massive mounts of space.

Thus was born the DLL, which still forms an extremely important part of the Windows operating system to this day.

So, it follows that if a DLL becomes corrupt or starts to malfunction, it can seriously affect many different parts of the operating system of your PC.

And, like everything in your PC, a DLL can easily become corrupted. Let’s have a quick look at how.

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How DLL's Are Corrupted

One of the biggest causes of DLL’s becoming corrupt in the operating system of anyone’s PC is the practice of constantly installing and uninstalling programs.

This often means that DLL’s will get overwritten by newer versions when a new program is installed, for example

This causes problems for those applications and programs that still need the old version to operate properly. Thus, the program begins to malfunction.

Then, when the new program that was just installed is removed again, it leaves behind a corrupt, malfunctioning DLL which means, in turn, that the programs that rely on it malfunction too.

Similarly, sometimes different DLL’s will come into conflict with one another, as they both ‘try’ to perform a task they both ‘believe’ is theirs to do.

In this case, one of the two DLL’s in question will almost certainly be damaged by the actions of the other, and become corrupt.

DLL’s are programmed to perform their duties for several applications and if one of those applications becomes damaged for whatever reason, this can have a ‘knock-on’ effect on the underlying DLL’s too.

So, because the ‘health’ of the DLL files in your system is so closely tied to that of so many other files and folders, it is actually very easy for DLL’s to become damaged and corrupt

We therefore need to look at what can be done about it, and how we can repair a corrupt DLL, in order to keep your PC’s operating system in tip-top condition.

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How To Repair A Corrupt DLL

Before you can even begin to remedy the problems being caused by a corrupt DLL, you need to be try to isolate the file that is the root cause of the error.

In this, if you are really lucky, your PC may assist you by flashing up an on-screen error message, telling you that a particular DLL file is corrupt or missing.

This happening will, of course, make life considerably easier for you.

This does not happen all of the time, however, and in this case, you have two choices open to you.

Choice one is that you try to play ‘sleuth’ by finding the problem yourself. You go online to all of the ‘techie’ forums and ask as many questions as you need to help you track down the corrupt DLL file that is at the root of the problem.

This will however take an awful lot of both time and effort and, even then, there is no guarantee at all that you will be successful in your quest.

The second choice is that you use the correct tool for doing the job quickly, efficiently and thoroughly.

You run a free deep-system scan with proprietary software like our tool to first of all highlight and isolate all of the problems that you have in the operating system of your PC.

You then download the full program and use it to fix all of the problems that you now see that you have.

Total time taken to do a job that you know has been done the ‘right’ way, around 5 minutes.

DLL Error Repair

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