RunDLL Error Repair
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What Is a DLL File?

DLL’s (or ‘dynamic link libraries’) are small files that are part of the operating system of your computer if you are using any ‘flavor’ of Windows.

Every DLL obviously has its own job to do, but the common feature of them all is that they provide one function to several programs and operations that are a part of the operating system itself. So, instead of five or ten programs all having a file within them that does the same job for each, you have one DLL, as a separate, stand-alone  file that all of the five or ten programs will call up as and when needed.

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RunDLL Problem History

Now, whilst this is an excellent space saver, it can lead to problems as sometimes a DLL might malfunction, meaning that some or perhaps all of the programs that use it may themselves function incorrectly.

Rundll and the later development of it, called Rundll32, were DLL’s that were integral parts of the Microsoft Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows Millennium Edition (Me) operating systems, which allowed the user to prompt a function exported from a DLL to happening either a 16-bit or 32-bit format.

Incidentally, for those of you of the XP and Vista generations, 16 bit technology describes any software program written for MS-DOS or the earlier versions of Windows, whilst 32-bit technology has been used for everything ever since, before the advent of th64-bit technology of the latest system Vista.

So, from that, I guess that it follows that Rundll loads and runs 16-bit DLLs, and that Rundll32 does exactly the same for 32-bit DLLs.

You should also note that Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, and XP only ship with Rundll32, and that there is no support for the 16-bit Rundll on any of them.

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RunDLL Error Repair

Now, as we suggested earlier, DLL do go wrong some times, so it is important that you know how to fix them. In particular, in this case, you need to know how to repair rundll in both it’s 16-bit and 32-bit guises.

First, the good news is that it is certainly possible to repair rundll. Indeed, depending on the way that you choose to repair rundll, it can be an extremely easy operation.

How you decide to go about implementing the necessary repairs for a malfunctioning rundll or rundll32 will be dictated by two factors.

 Factor one is how technologically capable are you?

If the answer is not much, or not all, then I would strongly suggest that you skip this option, because your first option, as demonstrated by this page ( from Microsoft’s own site shows you how to write your own rundll or rubndll32 function.

But, it is probably not for the faint hearted and ideally, I would only recommend this to you if you are a fully paid-up member of he techie-geeks society!

The second, far simpler way of trying to repair rundll is to buy a suitable piece of software to do the job for you!

So, factor two is, can you afford to spend a little money to get your rundll problem fixed?

If so, then there are quite a few programs on the market that will do the job or you at reasonable prices.

Amongst the market leaders is our award winning tool which does a pretty good job of locating any DLL problems that you might have, and then fixing them.

This would include an ability to repair rundll and, with it costing only (US$30) it is unlikely that it will represent too much of a strain on your wallet either.

So, basically, if you are having problems that need addressing, you have two options to repair rundll.

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Take The Easy Road To Fixing RunDLL With Our Tool!

There is a ‘DIY’ alternative of writing your own rundll but, frankly, unless you really know what you are doing, that is probably no a very good idea. My recommended action if you need to repair rundll is to buy the software that will do the job.

And, remember that the software will not only repair rundll but will also highlight may other problems and potential problems as well, before fixing them quickly and efficiently.

In our opinion, a very wise investment indeed, especially if you know you need to repair rundll properly.

DLL Error Repair

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