RunDLL Errors Defined
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Dynamic Link Library (DLL) Explained

DLL stands for Dynamic-link library. It is a theory of shared library that is available in the OS/2 operating systems and Microsoft Windows. The file extensions of these libraries include DRV, OCX or DLL. DRV is used in case of legacy system drivers while OCX is used in case of libraries containing ActiveX controls.

Both DLL and Windows EXE files have similar file formatting. For formatting of 32- bit windows, Portable Executable is used. New Executable is used for formatting of 16-bit Windows. DLL includes resources, data and code, in any permutation or combination.

In other words a data file that requires similar formatting of files is called DLL. Examples of DLL files are font files and icon libraries. ICL is the extension of icon libraries while FOT and FON are the extensions of font files.

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RunDLL Errors - SpyWare & Viruses

There are times when the computer screen shows errors. These errors slow the computer system and the user’s work gets hindered. The status of these errors files can be checked in the Dynamic Link Library or DLL.

Anti-virus softwares can be installed so as to prevent people from hacking or spamming your computer system. There are numerous websites where these anti-virus softwares can be installed for free, however, these sites usually contain virus and instead of protecting the computer system and can corrupt it with virus.

Anti-virus software can also help prevent Rundll errors. These errors are also a result of a user visiting a web site and/or opening e-mails which contain harmful viruses. To eliminate the spyware, a program like This should be installed. To prevent viruses, a program like McAfee should be installed.

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Reinstall The DLL File Producing The Error

To make sure that things are brought back to normal, it is advisable to reinstall the DLL files that have been lost accidentally. For this, it is first necessary to have complete knowledge about the program that has been uninstalled.

After this, the DLL files are to be extracted from the program and installed on the computer system. If in case a person is not able to execute the process of extracting DLL files from the software, he/she can approach a software expert for solving the problem.

There are also certain software vendors that provide DLL programs for download purposes. One of the best ways of getting the lost DLL files reinstalled is by accessing the website of the software manufacturer.

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System Cannot Locate a File

A message of Rundll error sometimes appears on a computer screen when the system is unable to search or load a file. The rundll error can be because of a virus infection, buggy software, incomplete installation, spyware or a driver error. RundLL error can be also be fixed by installing this.

Next step after installation is scanning the computer system. In case if the error appears during the installation, reinstall and uninstall the software again so that the system is free from any virus or errors. To identify the command which causes error, reboot the computer system.

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Warning Signs Of runDLL Error & Solutions

Before the error appears on the screen, a computer system gives various indications or symptoms that indicate the file is corrupt. The symptoms and messages include:

· Faulty error messages can be received in Mmsystem.dll
· The program Rundll can be closed down due to unlawful operations
· The program Rundll32 can be closed down due to unlawful operations

A user can also receive messages on accessing the detail button. Messages can
be read as:

· Faults have appeared in MMSYSTEM.DLL due to RUNDLL32
· runDLL32 have caused fault in MMSYSTEM.DLL at 000a:00000032 hours.

This message usually after using the "Add New Hardware" tool. Other ways to fix Rundll problems are:

· Click on the start button
· Then click on the run box
· Type ‘msconfig’
· Go to the startup tab
· The application which gives the error should be unchecked
· Go to apply button
· Restart the computer system
· Put a tick mark in the box that states ‘do not show the error again'

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