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WmpDLL Errors Explained

If you are using a PC in your office or home, and are using a version of Microsoft’s ubiquitous Windows operating system to ‘drive’ your machine, then DLL’s are, or will be, something that you will encounter at some point.

Most simply described as an application helper for your operating system, a dll generally relates to many sub-programs of your Windows system, and simply helps that sub-program to achieve the task for which it is designed. You could say that the application itself is the chief and the dll is his (or her) assistant, whose sole function is to do what the chief tells them!

Using Windows will probably also mean that you have the Windows Media Player installed on your PC as well.

This is Windows program that is designed to play all of your audio and video content, either ‘streaming’ media (that is, video’s that you watch or audio’s that you listen to from directly from someone else’s web server), stuff that you have downloaded onto your PC from the internet or just your own discs.

Like all of the sub-programs that make up the ‘whole’ that is the Windows operating system, Media Player uses DLL’s to ensure that it operates properly, and the wmp.dll is the most critical of these.

Thus, if you want to ensure that Media Player works properly, so that you can watch your videos or listen to your music on your PC, you need to know a little about wmp.dll and how you can recognize and repair wmp.dll errors.

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How To Recognize WmpDLL Errors

Some DLL’s on your PC could malfunction for weeks or even months without you ever being aware of any problems, apart, perhaps, from a tendency for your machine to run slightly slower.

Indeed, such a slowing down is probably the kind of thing that most PC users sort of accept as a trade off for having lots of software loaded onto their machine, and so, you literally may never notice any problems, even though a DLL or DLL’s are malfunctioning ever day.

Not so with most wmp.dll errors!

Generally speaking, when there are errors with the wmp.dll. you’ll notice as soon as you try to run your video or play your music. It just doesn’t happen!

Most wmp.dll errors mean that the Media Player just does no work properly, period!

For example, one of the most common wmp.dll errors means that, when trying to play a video, you can hear the soundtrack but there is no picture.

It couldn’t get much simpler to recognize that there is a problem than that, really, could it?

There are, however, other possible problems that will not be so obviously apparent that we will come to in a minute.

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How To Repair wmp.dll

If the problem with the wmp.dll is an obvious one, such as that highlighted above, then the answer could be something as simple as downloading and installing a new copy of the wmp.dll.

You can get a new wmp.dll from here.

Alternatively, you can visit Microsoft and download the latest version of the Media Player program, which will almost certainly overwrite the Player that you are currently using, and probably repair the wmp.dll at the same time. The current version of the Player is version 11, and can be downloaded for free here. Incidentally, the latest Player works with the new Windows Vita operating system as well as XP.

So, fixing such obvious errors should not be a problem.

What of the less obvious errors, stuff that is out of sight, deep within the system?

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The Best Method To Fix WmpDLL Is To Use Our Tool!

Not all wmp.dll errors are going to be so obvious, but they can nevertheless slow down the performance of the Player itself.

This could make watching streaming videos a bit tiresome, and possibly even stop them streaming in the first place.

You should make sure that there are no wmp.dll problems even if it seems to be okay. Run a free registry scan with our tool which will quickly highlight and isolate any and all problems that exist deep within Windows. If the scan shows that you do have a problem with wmp.dll (or, indeed with any DLL’s) then it is probably best to download our software in order to fix the problem as quickly and efficiently as possible.

*Important Tip - The second potential problem with wmp.dll is the fact that spyware often attached itself to it, meaning that someone, somewhere can monitor your activities!

This is obviously not something that you want either! Now, it may well be that the scan may indicate that such problems exist, but in order to be doubly sure, you should consider getting hold of a good anti-spyware program, such as this outstanding Anti-Spyware application . This award winning program will definitely find any malware that is on your machine, and represents a very sound investment indeed.

DLL Error Repair

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